« EGU HV Laboratory has been delaing with the testing and consultancy for 70 years.
Through decades it has become internationally recognized High Voltage Testing House not related to any of manufacturing companies involved in power engineering business.
Accredited acc. to EN ISO/IEC 17025 »

  • 01 Dielectric Testing
  • 02 High Current Testing
  • 03 Pollution and Ageing Testing
  • 04 Mechanical Testing
  • 05 Material Testing
  • 06 Insulator Sets Testing
  • 07 Polymeric Insulators Testing
  • 08 Power Bushings Testing
  • 09 Power Cables Testing
  • 10 Disconnectors Testing
  • 11 Transformers Testing
  • 12 Surge Arresters Testing
  • Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) witnessing acc. customer’s specification
  • On-site testing witnessing
  • Consultancy
  • Certificates / Test reports summary
  • Standardization activities (IEC, EN, ČSN, other technical standards)
  • Long–term experience in CIGRE / IEC working group activities

EGU HV Laboratory applies a binnary decision rule to the statement of conformity which reports two statements:

  • PASS – results are within limits or meet a given specification
  • FAIL – results are out of limits or fail a given specification

Calculated uncertainty of measurements are informative only with regards to the statement of conformity application


« The Research and Development department within EGU – HV Laboratory has a vast and long-term experience in consultancy and development in the electric power engineering area. »

  • Calculation and measurement of electric and magnetic field DC – 400 kHz
  • Measurement and calculation of overhead line acoustic noise
  • Mitigation of resonances and ferroresonances in HV transmission and distribution networks
  • Electric and magnetic field simulations and modeling – COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Transmission and distribution network analysis
  • Optimization of overvoltage protection in substations and on lines
  • Studies of all kinds of transients in networks using ATP–EMTP and EMTP–RV software
  • Field overvoltage (6 kV–420 kV) measurement and monitoring
  • Line and substation grounding system studies and measurements, assessment of touch and step voltages
  • Insulation coordination studies
  • Analysis of HV equipment failures and damages
  • HV cable performance studies
  • Measurement and localization of RFI
  • ACM project – Automatic Central Monitoring of CEPS network
  • Partial discharge detection on HV equipment in substations by the in-house developed VYZER detector
  • Contactless monitoring of switching transients by the in-house developed SEMPR sensor
  • Performance of insulators under natural pollution
  • Electrical safety of overhead line towers
  • Electromagnetic transients during black–starts and in island networks
  • ET-LEADS project – Impact of lightning events on transmission and distribution systems
  • Standardization activities (IEC, EN, ČSN, other technical standards)
  • Membership and long–term experience in CIGRE / IEC working group activities
  • Membership in IEEE (PES and DEIS societies)
  • Membership in CIRED
  • Participation in many research projects
  • International research activities