Dielectric Testing


EGU HV Laboratory is a fully independent, accredited and internationally recognized High Voltage Testing House not related to any of manufacturing companies involved in power engineering business.
The laboratory provides an extensive set of activities in the field of testing, research&development and consultancy in power engineering area.

Since 1993 the laboratory has been accredited in compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17 025.

EGU HV Laboratory has been testing and approved for following end user customers under their witness:
ČEPS, a.s., ČEZ a.s., ADWEA, DEWA, NG SA, SEC, NTDC Pakistan, TNB Malaysia, TRANSCO, TERNA, NG UK, TenneT, 50Hertz Transmission, Amprion, EdF, Svenska kraftnät, Fingrid, Statnett, Red Eléctrica, ESB, APG, Elia, Transnet BW, Energinet, MEPSO.

EGU HV Laboratory applied for an STL (Short-Circuit Testing Liaison) membership and now serving a probation period, as required for applicants. EGU HV Laboratory representatives participate and contribute to STL meetings and task groups.

Real Independent Testing provides Real and Independent Test Results

Scope of accreditation

High voltage testing, high current testing, pollution testing, mechanical testing, ageing testing, material testing, electric and magnetic fields measurements.

Accredited test reports and certificates.

EGU HV Laboratory successfully executed a project named Poradenství pro digitální transformaci podniků within a national call: Czech Rise Up 3.0.

Given project focused on digital transformation implementation in companies and was executed from May 2023 till September 2023. The project was co-founded within Next Generation EU platform and Národním plánem obnovy a Ministerstvem průmyslu a obchodu České republiky.


High Voltage Laboratory was established in 1953 as a part of EGU (The Electrotechnical Institute). Since it was founded, the laboratory has played an important role in the development of the Czech power engineering industry and the electric power distribution and transmission systems.

Experts from EGU have been involved in international standards development (IEC) and international research activities (Cigre) for decades.

« An unique laboratory building construction began in 1950 according to ing. B. Novak construction project. »

HV Laboratory consists of two original historical buildings connected together. A Large testing hall with floor dimensions of 24×30 m and of 27 m in height is well known for its unique so called „A“ profile which is visible away from a large distance.

Nowadays, company manage several testing halls and areas to optimize its activities.