Field measurements and investigations

  • Power transformers - partial discharge measurement
  • Metal oxide arresters - leakage current and on-line measurements of partial discharges
  • Instrument current and voltage transformers - on-line measurement of partial discharges
  • Manufacturing and purchasing of potential free partial discharge detector for inspection of HV equipment on-line
  • Interfering electromagnetic field measurements in the range of 0,15 - 300 MHz along UHV overhead lines and in substations (interference source searching)
  • Electric and magnetic field 50 Hz measurements of HV and UHV overhead lines and substations
  • Site measurements of pollution degree and measurements of pollution state of external insulation


  • Periodical off-line partial discharge measurements on the block transformers of nuclear power plant Dukovany and supervisory PD measurements on large power autotransformers in substations 420 and 220 kV of CEPS
  • Type oriented field on-line PD measurements of 220 kV and 110 kV current transformers with high percentage of units with degraded insulation
  • Diagnostic on-line PD measurements of large number of current transformers and surge arresters 110, 220 and 420 kV in substations of transmission network.
  • Measurements of radio interference levels and electric and magnetic fields 50 Hz of lines and substations for CEPS and distribution companies
  • Searching and localisation of RI sources on lines and in substations - measures to their elimination - for CEPS and distribution companies
  • Site pollution severity measurements for CEPS and for Czech Regional Distribution Companies (1978, 1980, 1989, 1995, 2002)
  • Cooperation in site pollution severity measurement for CIE Havana, Cuba (1984, 1986)