Design of overvoltage protection by MOAs - coordination of insulation


  • Optimisation of overvoltage protection in substations
  • EMTP models of
    1. three phase full substation scheme including earthing system
    2. connected lines including models of towers
    3. Leader Development Model of flashovers (and backflashovers)
    4. Electro-Geometrical-Model of line conductor configuration for computation of shielding failures - direct strokes
  • Computation of lightning overvoltage penetration from lines into substation
  • Probabilistic evaluation of lightning overvoltage exceeding insulation levels and energy exceeding absorption capacity of MOAs
  • Optimization of MOA location
  • Selection of surge arrester types


  • Probabilistic studies of overvoltage protection effectiveness
  • Lightning performance of lines
  • Insulation coordination of lines and substation equipment


  • EMTP overvoltage protection analysis of five substations 400 kV based on modelling of complete substation schemes (CEPS)
  • Design of overvoltage protection of 420 kV substations Cebin, Slavetice (CEPS)
  • Overvoltage protection designs for circuits of tertiary windings of large power transformers (CEPS)
  • Design of overvoltage protection of Slovakian 420 and 220 kV substations Varin, Horna Zdana, Sucany (Slovak Power Company)
  • Design of electric motor drivers overvoltage protection in 6 kV cable network of power station Melnik (CEZ)
  • Type overvoltage protection designs for substations 110/22 kV and distribution transformers 22/0,4 kV (West Czech Power Company)
  • Cutting of grounding wires by stolers - influence on lightning performance of the overhead lines (CEPS)
  • Study of compact lines 400 kV for urban areas (CEPS)