• preproject work and data preparation for HV and UHV overhead lines and substation designs
  • design of overhead lines parameters based on the application of insulation coordination
  • selection of insulation into polluted conditions
  • measures for increasing of outdoor insulation reliability in polluted conditions (recommendation for greasing, RTV silicon coating, cleaning and suitable device type selection and design for hot line washing)
  • residual service life of outdoor insulator strings
  • design of insulating assemblies (insulator strings for required operating and withstand voltages)
  • calculation of overhead line electric parameters
  • calculation of electric and magnetic fields of 50 Hz
  • calculation of RIV of overhead lines
  • design and calculation of insulating distances


  • All foregoing activities have been made for CEPS, Czech Regional Distribution Companies, Energovod (HV and UHV overhead line construction company), EGE - Engineering (overhead line design company)