Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing of a ceramic long-rod insulator

EGU – HV Laboratory a.s. EGU – HV Laboratory a.s. has been performing mechanical testing of insulators for many years. Due to today’s energy sector demand of a higher transmission capacity insulator length and mechanical ratings are rising up.
An installation of a new professional Tensile Testing Machine 600 kN have been completed. The machine fulfi lls criteria given in ISO 7500-1 and other relevant DIN and ISO international standards.

Technical parameters:

  • Maximum testing load: 600 kN
  • Testing frame length: 5 000 mm
  • Testing frame width: 500 mm
  • Maximum testing speed: 150 mm/min
  • Position resolution: 2 μm
  • Accuracy: < 1%

Other parameters:

  • Horizontal position installation
  • Fully PC controlled
  • Fully variable loading parameters and profi les
  • Special software for data acquisition and test results visualization


  • Testing of test objects in length up to 5 000 mm
  • Failing load testing of polymeric / glass / porcelain insulators
  • Long-term (96 h) testing of insulators
  • Testing acc. to IEC 61109, IEC 60383-1 etc. and customer requirements
  • Conductors and fi ttings mechanical testing