Composite insulators

1000h Tracking and erosion test - Different housing profiles testing

EGU – HV Laboratory a.s. has been performing testing of composite insulators since 90th. Our laboratory can offer together with other cooperating accredited laboratories a full range of design and type testing of composite insulators.

Testing facility:

  • Composite insulators: tension / suspension, line post, station post, hollow core, railway, hybrid


  • Electrical and mechanical design and type testing
  • Thermal-mechanical testing:
    tension - 250 kN / 2 400 m
    post - 50 kN / 1850 mm
  • Mechanical testing:
    tension - 600 kN / 5 000 m
    post - 20 kN / 900 mm

Housing material testing:

  • salt fog, tracking wheel testing including leakage currents monitoring
  • Housing material testing: fl ammability, UV, X-ray SEM / EDX – in cooperation with other external accredited labs.

Special mechanical testing:

  • cantilever, torsion, compression and special mechanical testing in cooperation with an external accredited testing lab in Prague



Activities at IEC and CIGRE:

  • IEC TC 36/SC36C/PT
  • IEC TC36/MT15
  • CIGRE C4.3.03
  • Cigre D1.44 / CIGRE D1.45