Pollution testing

Glass cap & pin insulators under the pollution testing

EGU – HV Laboratory a.s. has a long term and vast experience in insulation pollution testing including salt fog testing, solid-layer testing (clean fog, fl ow-on method, rapid clean fog etc.) The company participated in development of transmission and distribution systems in former Czechoslovakia so research and testing in the pollution fi eld was one of the major part of company activities.

Test objects:

  • Long rod / post insulators, HV apparatus
  • Porcelain, glass, polymeric

Testing facilities:

  • Test transformers: 500 kV, 6 A 200 kV, 10 A
  • Test chamber: 475 m3 (Salt fog & Clean fog)
  • Tents: 200 m3 & 40 m3 (salt fog + clean fog)


  • Salt fog testing
    Standard / Rapid
  • Clean fog testing
    Standard / Rapid
  • Flow-on method
  • Testing of naturally aged and polluted insulators
  • Special test methods acc. to customer requirements
  • ESDD / NSDD measurements
  • Consultancy
  • Field pollution measurement including pollution map setup


  • IEC 60507, IEC 60815
    Cigre brochures etc.

Activities at IEC and CIGRE:

  • IEC TC36/MT15: Revision of IEC 60507 and IEC 61245
  • CIGRE C4.3.03: Pollution and environmental infl uence on the electrical performance of power systems
  • Cigre D1.44: Altitude correction and Testing of naturally polluted insulators