Since 1993 the High Voltage Laboratory EGÚ - HV laboratory a.s. has been accredited by Czech Accrediting Authority in compliance with EN45 001 and since 2002 in compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 as the ACCREDITED TESTING LABORATORY No. 1029.

Object of accreditation:

High voltage tests, radio interference and electromagnetic field measurements, voltage and dielectric tests of electric objects and equipment, and mechanical tests of insulators in the scope specified in
 Enclosure of the Certificate of Accreditation.

HV Laboratory is allowed to insert actual standardized and/or technical equivalent methods of testing providing that principles of testing that stays unchanged.

The tests are carried out according to the standards ČSN (Czech national standards), IEC or ANSI. Laboratory can also perform other tests on the base of customer’s requirements.

 Download the Certificate of Accreditation

Binnary decision rule

EGU - HV Laboratory applies a binnary decision rule to the statement of conformity which reports two statements:

  • PASS – results are within limits or meet a given specification
  • FAIL – results are out of limits or fail a given specification

Calculated uncertainty of measurements are informative only with regards to the statement of conformity application.